Operational Capabilties

IPC is a fully qualified operator of power plants. Its O&M subsidiary, IPOL, has run power plants under contract across Latin America including General Electric LM6000 gas fired capacity operated for BP.

IPOL has also maintained and operated aero-derivatives for state-owned power companies including the Al Hamra power plant in the United Arab Emirates which IPC developed and constructed on behalf of RAKIA, the Ras al Khaimah Investment Authority. This plant provided peaking capacity for RAK Ceramics and the northern emirate’s electricity distribution business.

In the United Kingdom, IPOL has run two gas fired power plants which were contracted under the National Grid STOR programme for strategic reserve and fast frequency response.

Currently IPC has successfully submitted 4,000 MW of grid connection applications to National Grid for four separate renewable energy projects to be linked to the United Kingdom’s 400 kV high voltage transmission network. This interaction with the UK electricity supply operator (ESO) has been on behalf of the Kari Energy offshore wind project in Icelandic coastal waters which IPC is co-sponsoring in Iceland and In the United Kingdom with Hecate Energy of the USA.