Independent Power Operations Limited

Independent Power Operations Limited (IPOL) is a wholly owned operations subsidiary of IPC and offers a complete operations and maintenance service for generation and distribution assets in accordance with a pre-agreed programme to enable the Owner to meet its investment targets.

The service aims to improve standards of operation and enable Owners to introduce performance optimisation that helps to improve maintenance planning and shcedulls, enhance plant operation through introducing up-to-date operation management technologies, raise plant performance through detailed analysis and adjsutments to system requirements. These efforst reauslt in increased financial returns, better efficiencies in use of fuel and engineering resources and in protecting the environment.

IPOL has experience across utility management, and will take on and manage:

  • Generation assets
  • Distribution assets
  • Metering systems
  • Billing and Collection Services
  • Customer management

IPOL seeks to operate a mixed portfolio of independent power generation and utility assets in the fast deregulating global power market.

The ability to marry financial and engineering skills has been at the centre of IPC’s success both in financing greenfield power projects and in acquiring on behalf of clients privatised plants which have subsequently been upgraded out of the cash flow arising from new PPAs negotiated by IPC’s management team.

Operational Management Objectives

IPOL manages the competing interests between engineering/maintenance expenditure and investor returns with a view to maximising the value of the business on a sustainable basis.

Operational activities include:

  • Plant availability improvements
  • Plant efficiency improvements
  • Emissions management
  • Fuel management
  • Plant refurbishment
  • Plant life extension
  • Waste management
  • Transmission loss reduction
  • Tariff development
  • Metering evaluation and improvement
  • Loss management
  • System operation
  • Line refurbishment and enhancement
  • Customer management – industrial and residential
  • Billing systems
  • Collections management
  • Payment incentive schemes

IPOL can undertake the wider overall utility management role and/or focus on the detailed development of engineering schemes specific to plant areas.

This range of activity would normally require a large multi-disciplined support team typically found in a traditional utility company. However, through IPOL’s professional network, IPOL has established links to the very rich market of consultants and engineering companies and the service side of the larger utilities to access the additional specialist support needed.

Through its diverse network of contacts, IPOL manages fluctuations in availability of the various specialist skills to ensure availability is always maintained. This keeps IPOL’s fixed costs down by drawing in resource when and where required and enables competitive pricing of services offered to clients.

Why Choose IPOL?

  • The Management Dimension
  • Engineering and International Commercial Track Record
  • Correct blend of people and skills
  • Resourced from a wide pool of leading industry experts

IPOL directly supports owner/operator clients and its own parent company IPC, as a developer, in the technical needs of project development and in satisfying investor requirements. The synergy between the engineering and operations capability of IPOL and the technical project development skills of IPC is seen as a key strength of the business. Commercial considerations and technical skills combine to ensure that value and value at risk are constantly under review.

IPOL offers an international service and places special emphasis on its ability to operate in Russian and Spanish speaking territories but senior staff are fluent in all major European languages and have worked on all continents and under all conditions. Care is taken to offer personnel who are prepared to accept overseas assignments.

IPOL’s framework of policy statements encapsulates the main headings set out in each O&M agreement and covers:

  • Operations
  • Engineering
  • Safety
  • Environment
  • Human Resources
  • Procurement