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Previous Project


Guaracachi, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

  • Type: OCGT
  • Size: 71 MW
  • Start date: 2006
  • Status: Commissioned March 2007

Guaracachi, Sucre, Bolivia - Gas Engines

  • Type: Gas engine
  • Size: 6 MW
  • Start date: 2006 First Phase
  • Status: Completed April 2007

Guaracachi, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

  • Type: CCGT conversion
  • Size: 96 MW
  • Start date: 2007
  • Status: Commissioning for October 2010 CER application UN registered

Ras Al Khaimah, Al Hamra, United Arab Emirates

  • Type: OCGT
  • Size: 45 MW
  • Start date: September 2008
  • Status: Completed April 2009

Pawnee, Denver, Colorado, USA

  • Type: Greenfield development
  • Size: 214MW
  • Start date: 1999

Central Piedra Buena, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

  • Type: CCGT
  • Size: 620MW
  • Start date: 1997

Hidroelectrica Ameghino, Trelew, Chubut Province, Argentina

  • Type: Hydroelectric plant
  • Size: 48 MW
  • Start date: June 2000
  • Status: Sold 2001

Karaganda GRES 2, Kazakhstan

  • Type: Coal-fired plant
  • Size: 608 MW
  • Start date: October 1996
  • Status: Sold 1998

Karaganda TETS 1 and TETS 3 Karaganda Power, Kazakhstan

  • Type: Coal-fired plant
  • Size: 475 MW
  • Start date: September 2002
  • Status: Sold 2003